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Understand the responsibilities of a guardian ad litem in Richmond, VA

Sometimes, children become mixed up in legal matters. Whether they're involved in their parents' divorce or an assault charge, they need someone to represent their best interests.

That's when the court appoints a guardian ad litem. Louise A. Moore Esquire LLC can help you navigate your responsibilities after getting appointed in Richmond, VA. Attorney Louise Moore has practiced as a child advocacy attorney in a wide variety of cases, so you can trust her to look out for the child's best interests.

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Child Advocacy Attorney in Richmond, VA

Child Advocacy Attorney in Richmond, VA

Children deserve a voice

What exactly does a guardian ad litem do? This impartial third-party is meant to represent the child, interview contributing participants and make decisions that serve the child's interests. This person can make recommendations to the court based on what is best for the child.

If you have questions about guardian ad litem, it's best to ask a skilled child advocacy attorney. Attorney Moore can provide guidance in your case in Richmond, VA. Speak with her now.